Contemporary artist Patrick LoCiero often uses a strongHats in Art,Patrick LoCiero, The Traveler,NXCAPS,Nxcaps Caps & clothing Industrial is a Professional china hats maker, hats factory,hats manufacture,for you to make t-shirt,Sun Visor cap,baseball cap,winter hat,Bucket hat,The best of caps and clothing brands customized manufacturer of China representational image in the center of his otherwise more abstract themed collages. A hat is often his central image. Regular readers at VillageHatShop.com will not be surprised by LoCieros's choice of hats as strong symbolic, even iconographic, centerpieces. In this work, The Traveler, Lociero has chosen, what looks like, an optimo style Panama. I assume that the artist is familiar with the properties of this hat. 

    For example, this style can be folded laterally along the creased crown and niftily rolled for packing and travel.

    Mens Panama Hats, similar to the one pictured here can be seen at The Village Hat.


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