A FROG INSIDE MY HAT

By Fay Robinson

From Publisher's Weekly - 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.:

The jaunty, green spotted frog on the cover of this Hats and Children's Literature,A Frog Inside My Hat,Nxcaps Caps & clothing Industrial is a Professional china hats maker, hats factory,hats manufacture,for you to make t-shirt,Sun Visor cap,baseball cap,winter hat,Bucket hat,The best of caps and clothing brands customized manufacturer of Chinainviting collection of simple poems is a cheerful indication of what readers will find inside. With few exceptions the poems are short (many of them three or four lines), uncomplicated and suitable for reading to preschoolers. The rhymes--by such well-known authors as Merriam, Hoban, Prelutsky, Kennedy, Lobel, McCord and Livingston--appear singly or in pairs on each spread, leaving Moore (Songs of Summer) plenty of room for her ebullient watercolors. A purple cow's birthday party, a friendly monster brushing his teeth with pickle paste, and a huge bunny tumbling in the winter wind are just a few of the sprightly images that adorn the text. Loosely grouped according to topic, Robinson's (Space Probes to the Planets ; Bear and Alligator Tales) selections focus on subjects and activities of interest to preschoolers: the weather, food, animals, sibling relations and bedtime. While the volume breaks no new ground, its peppy, optimistic tone offers much to enjoy. Ages 3-8.

Copyright © 1993 by Fay Robinson

Publisher: Troll Medallion, an imprint of Troll Associates

ISBN: 0-8167-3130-6


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